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Hi, I’m Alison

I motivate you so you can live the life of your dreams and make more money.

I am a student of the Law of Attraction and Reality Transurfing.

I help women, like you, wake up, and move out of a job or career that is no longer serving you, and move towards a life of your dreams. It is about no longer ignoring that whisper telling you, you are meant for something more. It is about listening to your inner voice, about waking up and about living every day with passion. 

It is about manifesting your true life. It is about doing what you have always wanted to do, what you believe you have been put here to achieve. I am here to help you. I am here to serve you. I am here to tell you, that if I can do it, you can too.

I know you are scared, but I want you to know, your intention is enough. Get clear on your intentions, about what you want, and let’s move towards it together. 

I used to work in a call centre. I used to be so unhappy in my job. I smoked. Even though I gave up smoking years ago. I used to overeat too. It was all a way of masking the pain I felt of going to work every day. Of spending 8 hours of my day staring at a clock and counting down the minutes of every day. I hated my life, and wanted to end it.

But I always felt like there was more for me. I wanted to move beyond my current reality. The sky was always grey and I dreamed of a tropical lifestyle with palm trees and no cold. With a job that fueled me and where I wanted to get up and go to work in the morning. With a job and work I loved.

I didn’t want to be embarrassed anymore, telling people what I did for a living. I didn’t want to say, even though I went to University and had a massive student loan, that I was only making minimum wage in a contact centre.

I didn’t want to listen to people’s petty complaints all day anymore. 

I set my intention. Did a bit of work, and let the wind guide me to better places.

And here I am. Living my dream life, in my dream town, with my dream man, in a dream house. Going to work and loving it. Earning more than I ever thought possible. 

I can help you achieve this too.

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