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Quantum Leaping for people who hate their job

Who are you and what do you do?

You know that what you do is not who are you

It is something you do

But if that something you do

Isn’t who are you

Then you can change it

It isn’t too easy

It isn’t too hard

But its certainly different from who you are

It is who you will be

Who you are becoming.

And it is certainly a new path

I want to share with you today

How to stay

And how to change the way

You travel through this world

How you want to stay on this path

I do not know

Because if you are here

You are full of woe

You hate your job

I know

I know

I used to too

And now it is my calling to help you

Divinely guided by the powers that be

To show you there is another way

And it and it needn’t be

Be that you are unhappy every day



To stop the feeling of hating

You have manifest so much already

You brought yourself here and into this world and this life.

You brought an abundance of food. We don’t have to struggle with hunger anymore and even money really.

We aren’t struggling for that.

And we’re not slaves or servants or forced to break the law.

We are here and we are free and we, we do for the most part what we like and yet we somehow aren’t living our full potential. And when I say it’s easy, it is easy because look at what you’ve already created, so, this last part is the easy bit.

The bit where you step into your real potential and real power and real path and you knew all along that you were able to do just what you wanted and make a living from it and make money.

sometimes you forget what it is you actually want to do with your life

but you know it isn’t this.

It isn’t sitting in a cubicle and it isn’t filling in pointless paperwork and listening to someone you don’t like. Spending most of your day with someone you don’t like and taking far too much of your precious time on the planet in transport getting to this place you don’t particularly like. But that you have to feel grateful for because its bringing you money and letting you buy everything you do like

So, it is a real dichotomy isn’t it?

Well I have another idea about what you can spend your time doing.

How about you go deep within yourself. Deep inside you and find out what the hell you are really doing here on this planet. What you are supposed to be doing and what you should be doing, but instead you got distracted by some cheer leading show on Netflix. Which I love by the way- shout out to all the girls on Cheer.

And somehow they are inspiring me to move forward even though they really just distracted me for 3 hours that I wasn’t planning on binge watching TV.

But anyway, deep inside you is the truth

The truth that you can contribute to this planet in a meaning way

And all those thoughts you have that rub against people

Well they are your unique gits and the worlds is waiting for you to share them with us.

And then raise the consciousness of the planet somewhat.

Because I’m not a quantum physicist but I’m pretty sure if you ‘re happy and then you walk around happy then everyone else you meet that day will feel some vibe of happiness and maybe they wont go home and shout at their families how some bitch cut them off in traffic, because you were happy and just waved at them and then all these people will feel happy and then like in pay it forward they all go and do something nice and we are all nice and happy and it sounds a bit unrealistic and I’m sure Mark Manson would be puking right now if he read my blog but who cares

That man thinks I’m going to be turned into a tooth pick from my electric toothbrush and what’s really important right now is that you stop going to your shitty job

And start doing something that you believe in with your life

Something that you were meant to do. And start contributing to this world in a way that is meaningful.  or at least get a job working for someone who is doing something you believe in.

So set your intention to follow your gut.

And get into the feeling.

Make a move in that directions and just keep fucking going.

Keep following the feeling.

Like gold in a rock and keep fucking going.

You’re welcome.